Free Rice – The Chain Game

Hello Cropodopolopolians!

I have some big news. Almost 7 years ago a new website was born. Its called Free Rice! Free Rice is an amazing website because all you have to do to feed the hungry people out there is answer questions!

When you’re asked a question 4 answers will come up and you have to click on the right one. If you get it right the World Food Programme donates 10 grains of rice to hungry people all over the world! So you learn while helping the world! What’s really cool is that you can make an account and see how many grains of rice you have donated. You can also create a group and play with your friends! I suggest that if you are a teacher you make a class group and all of your students join! That way you can play with the class.

So far Freerice has donated over 100 BILLION grains of rice!  Everyday people all over the world donate millions of grains of rice to all over the world. I (Ryan) have donated 100 000 grains of rice. It might seem like a lot but I have been playing for a while so that shows how it all adds up over time!

So overall this is an amazing website because you help the world while you learn! Here’s a picture of the main page –


As you can see, there’s a bowl for your rice, four questions and your amount of rice. You can choose from many different categories, from mathematics to geography! There are updates, video’s and more! It’s an amazing program, so go play now!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tim Kelly (aka Aleister Kronos) via Compfight


The Octodigle! (wait, what?)

Hello Cropodopolopolians!

You may be wondering what the heck I mean by the Octodigle. The truth is, I honestly still don’t know either, but I know the basics. It’s a mythical creature created by the one and only me; its a combination of an eagle, octopus and a crocodile. Here is a description of the beast I wrote for class –

The Octodigle lives in the swamps, feasting upon the many now lifeless souls taking a drink. It grips its long, green tentacles along the rising seabed as it lurks around pursuing its prey. It slowly rises along the underwater shore until it can almost poke its vicious jaw outside the water. Then, in a striking motion, it leaps towards the prey as it snaps its jaw. For big prey, he takes them for a spin. Literally! The death spin is an underwater rollercoaster, but you’re in the mouth of a crocodile. The slimy green monster drowns you until the end. The tentacles grip your neck to make it extra fast. No escaping now! Each sucker can hold 20 pounds, so squirming is no option.

Did I say that the crocodile – octopus also has wings? The wings of an eagle makes the hunting field more vast, except it’s not on a field. The Octodigle can leap at speeds up to 170 km/h, and he can fly at speeds up to 60 km/h. Each tooth is as sharp as an arrowhead, and two inches long. It only sleeps four hours a day, at the bottom of the swamp. Then, the feast comes again!  It feasts alone, he has no allies.

If you come near, don’t expect to come back.

Here is a drawing of this – this thing –

Ryan Fan Beast

Yes, I know, I should have left it pencil crayon. It looked plain when it was pencil crayon, so I added felt to some parts, and then, before I knew it, it looked too bold. One strategy that my teacher told the class was to use complimentary colors. That means that the color’s are across from each other in the color spectrum. Red is a complimentary color of green, and the other way around. Its the same with yellow and purple, and blue and orange.

Make sure to check out my friend’s mythical creatures on their blogs!



My Clay Door

Hello my bloggies!

In class over the last view weeks we  have been making clay doors! Some call them fairy or troll doors, but I would call mine just a door (go boring!). It’s easy, all you do is get some clay, roll some shapes, paint it and fire it in a kiln!

Here’s a picture of mine –

photo (1)

So now you see what the finished product is. Here’s a story about this door; use your imagination to see what their life is like! –

“Careful honey, you keep slamming the door!” says mother troll. Father troll just walked into his home inside the tree.
“Ya ya ya. You always nag me” Father troll says.
“Daddy!” James run’s into father troll’s arms. Its just another normal day for  the life of the Trollsons.
“Day at work was tough today. The mushrooms are taking over Nitchnatch. Its crazy!” Explains Father troll as he slumps onto the couch.
“Ruff Ruff!” Ninny the dog scamper’s into the room.
“Whoa boy! Down!” says  James.
“stukstukstukstuk”. A noise outside fills their ears.
“Their back. Everyone in the basement!” yells mother troll.  The noise gets closer.
“Hurry!” they all yell. Suddenly, the door smashes open, leaving sharp shards of clay scattered everywhere. Father troll shuts the basement door just as a brown nose sticks through the hole where the door used to be. Then, a whole head pops through. Its a squirrel!
This is the first time James has been around for a squirrel mob.
“How long do we have to stay down here?” asks James.
“As long as the squirrels are out there”, replies mother troll.
It’s dark, and the basement is wet with sewage. It’s a small room with a small window in the corner. That window is the only source of light. Suddenly, James steps in something mushy. At first, they all wonder. Then, they hear Ninny pant.
“Ninny!” they all yell. Ninny had left a little surprise for James. Without thinking, he runs upstairs to wash his foot.
“James!” mother and father troll yell, but its too late. The door to the basement is closed and James is left upstairs. James takes a look around when he gets upstairs, and what he sees is not pretty. Window’s are smashes, furniture is everywhere and the door lays open. James suddenly realizes why they even went into the basement. He turns quickly, to become face to face with a squirrel. 

Did you like that? Tell me in a comment if you want me to continue! But the real point to that was to show my clay door. Have you ever done any clay work? tell me in a comment!


The Japanese Poem

Hey bloggies!

Haiku is a type of poem that originated in Japan in the 7th century! It consists of three lines, the first one being 5 syllables long, the second being 7, and the third being 5 again. Here’s and example-

Haiku’s are awesome!
But sometimes they don’t make sense.

Yes, that’s a Haiku! But mostly you want to write a Haiku that ends with something leaving you thinking, like this-

The gold of the grass
The brown and green of the tree–
Both sway with the wind

Are you thinking now? Good! If not, you have no imagination (Ha!). Usually a Haiku comes with a picture to give you an image of what the Haiku is about. I took a random picture from Compfight and wrote one on the spot! –

Tombstone squirrel, Vyšehrad Cemetery

Golden fur of he,
The fuzzy tail and the short ears
A Squirrel in sight

Of course, they don’t have to rhyme, but hears one that I made looking at a tree lying on the ground, red insides spilling out-

The now fallen tree
Where another will soon be
Only ancestors see  

Now you try one! It can get hard if you have a phrase that you really like, but it’s not 5 or 7 syllables! You switch out words like awesome for words like great, to make it shorter. Have fun!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tjflex2 via Compfight

Music With Mixcraft

Hey guys!

Music has been a part of life since the first sign of technology. Whether its a chant, a song, a beat  or whatever it is, I love it! Mixcraft is a great program that gives you thousands of different pieces for you to make a song!

I made this piece of music using loops in the Funk section. Take a listen!

This has 7 layers, an ABA structure, a beginning and an end. ABA is when there is one section, then a different section, and then the same section as the first section for the end. The 7 layers include 3 drumbeats, horns, bass, guitar and a funk clav. The beginning is 2 electric guitar pieces going louder and louder until the A section comes. I tried to make the transition from A to B smooth, so I made them the same instrument.

Funk is basically soul, jazz and R&B music mixed together, creating a tune that you can dance to! I like jazz music, so I like some parts of funk. Have you ever used Mixcraft? If so, please send me your composition! What kind’s of music do you like? Do you play an instrument? Tell me in a comment!



Fantasy Job

Is there that one job that stands out in your mind? It might not be real, but you hope that when you grow up you will be the best at it? Comment about yours!

Mine would have to be a world-famous architect. I see myself designing the world’s tallest building, being 5000 ft high/Don’t think it’s crazy, as just a few years ago the world’s tallest building was the CN Tower in the 1800 ft range, but now a new tower has been proposed in Tokyo, Japan that is supposed to be over 3000 ft!  

My building would have fancy windows, sculptures, and offer a vies high above any other 3000 ft building 30 years from now. I would have to engineer huge weights that move against the wind to minimize the swaying in heavy weather. Other obstacles are still there, like cleaning (window washing at 5000 ft? No Way!), lighting (electricity going up the tower, being able to power every room), storms (wind blowing at a tall building is not a good combination), lightning (how will the metal stand up to the lightning?), drainage (your poop falling 5000 ft to the bottom of the tower? I think not!), and way more.

Arabian Identity to Burj Khalifa

This is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest BUILDING in the world at around 2800 ft tall!

So what’s the difference between a tower and a building? A tower is a structure that inhabits less than 50% of the structure. A building is a structure that inhabits more than 50% of the structure.

I want to have this job because is pays great money. Also because I get to travel the world! And I get to keep my brain thinking. I am suited for this job because I am smart at math (especially), and well, everything, I have experience (I love to build towers with many household items such as dominoes), and I know secrets (secrets are secrets, so don’t ask).

I think the world with be a better place because I will be able to design famous buildings! Although it’s a difficult and complex job (as I need to examine the weather, ground and conditions, design new ways to build things more sturdily and draw blueprints and models to see if it is safe), I do get a good payday at the end of the month.

 So what’s your fantasy job? How’s it done? Where? Why? When? Tell me in a comment!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Thamer Al-Hassan via Compfight

My New Sport – Board Hockey!

Hello Blogospogo… – ah whatever.

For a school project, I had to make an Olympic presentation. One part of that was to make a new sport! So I took the challenge of combining hockey, lacrosse, basketball and skateboarding into a new sport!


No contact to a players body. A three minute penalty is ruled if there is contact to a body.

Only aloud contact to the players feet and board to try and knock them off.

You have to have one foot on your board at all times unless you are knocked off by another player. If you purposely go off your board it is a two minute penalty.

All other obvious rules of hockey ( ball in the net is a goal, 2 nets on each side of the ice, offside, icing, etc. )


There are six zones on the ice (3 for each team). One zone is 3 points, which is if you score behind the net. Another zone is 1 point, which is the small area in front of the net which would be the easiest to score on. The last zone is a two point zone, which is in the middle of the ice. You are on an ice board, which has one skate running along the middle of the bottom of the board. The objective is to score as many goals while not letting  the other team score.


An ice board-

Ice Board

Ice Shoes-


Lacrosse Stick/Ball

Choose Your Weapon -  6

All other hockey things (nets, referee’s, etc.)

Well, those are the main things of my new sport. Someday, maybe people will play this sport community – wide. I hope you enjoyed! Do you have any suggestions? Tell me in a comment!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Grant Frederiksen via Compfight

Apple vs Competitors

Hi Bloggers!
This post is about the war between apple products and other competitors products. Who’s better?

Apple iPad vs Other Products

Apple is the best selling brand that sells hand held devices. But are they the best quality? Recent competitor’s  commercials show how much better their product is than an iPad. I find those commercials really convincing because they show how their prices, processors, screens and way more are better than Apple. Here’s one commercial of the Windows 8 tablet challenging the Ipad-

Another is the Kindle Fire challenging the new Ipad Air—

So, are you convinced? Those two commercials convinced me. Tell me in a comment if the commercials did the job!

What Awaits 2014?

The new year has come, bringing many fun things.
One thing that almost everyone is excited for is the Winter Olympics! I’m a Team Canada fan for the Olympic hockey, so go go go! What’s your favourite part of the Winter Olympics?

Another thing that the new year brings is the resolutions. My New Year resolution is to cut back on Ipod time. I play on my Ipod about one and a half hours a day and I’m trying to cut back to one hour. Do you have any resolutions?

In Changsha, China, the Sky City building will be finished building and will be the tallest building in the world, only 27 feet taller than the Burj Khalifa (Sky City=2749ft – Burj Khalifa=2722ft).

Those are only some of the major things that will come with 2014. Remember to answer the questions!

~Ryan               Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc